Miracles Are Real

February 12th, 2013

Working on a new initiative. MiraclesAreReal.org. Going to shoot for a goal of collecting 1 million stories of miracles. How about that?! Look for this little symbol over the next year or so…

the miracles are real logo - coming soon to sites everywhere!

what problems?

February 10th, 2013

Was groaning today about all I had to do.

More bills than money. Taxes. Medical bills. Laundry.

And then I thought about what someone like the President had to do today. Same list, different order of magnitude.

And then I thought about what one of the women I met in Kenya, India or Peru might have on their list. No $. Where was the food going to come from? Wonder if the water will make my kid sick? Do I really have to carry 40 pounds of wood today?

My list isn’t so bad. Maybe I should think about how I can help those people with lists worse than mine?

5 little cards of HOPE to Alaska

December 17th, 2011

I don’t know Carolyn.

But, she heard about Hope is in the Cards and sent me an email.

a little bundle of HOPE cards on their way to Carolyn in Anchorage!!

Soon, she’ll get a bundle of HOPE cards to spread the feeling! Sometimes you just have to spread it around!


December 15th, 2011

One of my family members was moved to write this poem when she learned about my whole project. How cool is that?!?!?

Thank you Patsy!

Hope is in the Cards

A card of joy will bring a smile,
And leave happy imprints for a while.

A card of love to one so true,
Will always leave traces of you.

A card of sympathy, to know you care,
Will send the message that you are there.

A card of remembrance is so dear,
It keeps your family and friends very near.

A card of encouragement, when in need,
Will give hope a place, to plant a seed.

A card of regret is better than none,
Easing the guilt for what you have done.

Send a card of Hope today,
Just a little part of you,
And you may find that one day soon,
You will get one too!

Send me a note this week and I’ll send you 5 HOPE cards!

December 7th, 2011

Had a great conversation on Lauren and Carmel-Ann’s awesome teleseminar! A full hour of HOPE!!

If you heard the show, you know I believe that a tiny action of Hope can have a big reward. If you hit contact on my blog between now and Sunday, December 11th, and email me your address at info@hopeisinthecards.org, I’ll send you five HOPE cards you can send to others.

Thank you all so much!!

Just when you think it doesn’t matter…

December 2nd, 2011

There are times when you question if your work even has the tiniest impact.

I was reminded it indeed does. A few days ago, I was on the BART from San Francisco airport to a client meeting. A person sat across from me and WHOA — they had a sticker on from the HOPE IS IN THE CARDS project!

How about that?! HOPE keeps on going!

I haven’t given out these stickers in ages — they were originally sent to retailers who participated in a promotion I dreamed up.

I had to ask, and sure enough, the guy got it from a card store who had them by the cash register.

Made my year!

A setback? A message from the Universe? Or a reminder of just how lucky you really are?

November 23rd, 2011

I was in a hurry, bounding down some stairs. I missed a step and SPLAT.

2 bones busted in forearm and some smashed bones in wrist. Ugh.

Four days later, surgery to put the bones back into place — plates, pins, the whole nine yards. Of course, this did not happen at a good time. Oh, and it was my writing hand. Great.

So much for using this for a while!

I couldn’t pick up a pen. But I could type with one finger of the other hand.
I couldn’t button shirt. But I had pullovers.
It hurt like hell. But I had medication and insurance.
My arm was useless. But it wasn’t blown off or chopped off.

In fact, this injury has been a constant reminder to be thankful and hopeful.

So, YET AGAIN, more reasons to let people know, one card at a time. Thank someone in the military for serving on your behalf. Thank someone who does something as simple as opens a door for you. Thank whomever makes you a meal, or makes a meal possible. And then do something, anything, for someone else.

That’ how HOPE happens.

What Happy Looks Like

October 19th, 2011

I was not at all happy at my impending birthday. I officially hit the ‘no way is that young’ age marker. I was not doing what I wanted. My house was underwater financially. Everything just seemed awful.

Then, in a freak click on my computer, I ended up in a file of photos I took about a year ago.

I was surrounded by friends. Everyone was laughing. It was so uplifting.

I have everything to be happy for!!

I had so shrunk into my own worries and doubts that I forgot how lucky I am. And I was reminded yet again that Hope Is In The Cards matters. The people who add to my life need to know how much they make a difference. And I’m betting that’s the same in your life.

So c’mon now. 2 minutes, a pen and a stamp. Just write the words — thinking about you. And mail them. Done. I promise you made someone happy.

A dog, a blog, a bunch of HOPE!

September 30th, 2011

PAWS FOR THE CAUSE is an effort to get people to walk their dogs during AIDS WALK PHOENIX and raise money for 19 different service organizations.

So, my dog Chloe signed up.

What happened next was a mind-blower. I sent some emails to friends and family, and put a little notice up on Facebook.

In 3 days, the pooch raised nearly $3,000. Chloe was the 3rd highest money-raising dogs — and in the top 10 of ALL walkers, for money raised.

Chloe clears nearly $3,000!

OK, what this REALLY says is that your friends and family matter. That you keep in touch matters. That you share the goods times and the bad. That you reach out and never stop reaching out. When YOU do all that, and then you actually need a little help yourself, it all comes back.

I was dumbstruck at the generosity of everyone — especially when I know so many of the people who helped out are themselves struggling.

So, I have a LOT of follow-up thank you — and HOPE — card to send out. Wow.

Oh what a day.

August 28th, 2011

It was my Mom’s birthday — one of those big ones — and for the first time in 11 years, she had all her kids together.

If you asked any of her kids, you’d probably hear that we’re a relatively tight, close, mostly functional and respectful family. But 11 years?!?!

It reminded me why this Hope Is In The Cards idea is so important. Even just one or two cards or letters a year to your family members adds up. It reminds each of them that they matter.

Mom's kids on her birthday....learning how to surf!

That sense of support, of a safety net, of a network of people who care, well, that makes you feel like so much more is possible.

Send that card today. Please.